Modern Family | 11 × 16 – I’m Going to Miss This

 Modern Family |  11 × 16 - I'm Going to Miss This

And we are reaching the end of Modern Family, a comedy that has always been a delight to see, even though it has sometimes been lost in its own formula and outings, but that guarantees some laughs due to our affection for these characters.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Cam and Mitchel finally start to see that their son is coming and the new house is ready to welcome them, only they are both more than anxious and worried about how everything will be with so many changes. And it remains for Lily, who finally had more space, to show the country that they are creating a storm in a teacup that it will be only for them to look at the baby that everything will be fine.

Gloria getting involved with the moving people was funny, as she tried to speed them up and ended up alone to make the move.

Jay connecting with Manny, having a more father and son moment is also a really cool change for the series, and Joe in the middle of it all is cool.

Now, Phil and Claire worried about how they will be seen as grandparents and trying to show how young they were was cool, but something was missing in the situation. The couple seems kind of accommodated, but I love the relationship they have with Haley, Alex and Luke.

Modern Family it will end its history with some changes between them and may the double episode come to say goodbye to these families.