Modern Family | 11 × 14 – Spuds

 Modern Family |  11 × 14 - Spuds

On the way to its final stretch, there are now 4 episodes left, Modern Family he gets more and more homesick and reminds us of the passages of each of his characters throughout the series, and here it was Manny, Lily and Haley. The series will come to a close, which is great, but it has been making its basic rice and beans for a long time.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The scenes of Pil and Claire about how they were troubled parents to show Haley and Dylan that they shouldn’t be concerned as they will be amazing parents was really cool, especially with countless scenes from the past to illustrate some of their problems. They even recalled the scene that Haley and the brothers almost caught their parents in bed.

Cam and Mitchell also wondered about how they handled Lily’s things and she was very cute on her first date. They remembering her arrival and everything, but it was important for her to talk about how great parents they were, and to make it clear that they will adopt another child.

Meanwhile Gloria tries to hide Jay’s medicine, because he doesn’t like to take it because it makes him very sentimental. I laughed a lot with him, being very affectionate with his children, and even talking about how he dealt with Manny and Joe, we always need that loving side of him, to take the big picture out of the scene.

In the end it was very beautiful to see families supporting each other and moving on, a way of Modern Family conclude your steps, since the script addictions and all the problems in the series were already kind of tiring, untidying their rice and beans a little.