Modern Family | 11 × 11 – Legacy

 Modern Family |  11 × 11 - Legacy

AND Modern Family keeps showing us that he is going to an ending and ends up handing us an episode that had everything to be very silly and actually made an exciting ending. Killing a character by surprise was pretty intense.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

They spent the entire episode making Phil talk to Frank, his father, and he wants to talk about the past, about him having only one son and not continuing his work at the pie shop, but with very cute moments, like him making a couple stop fighting.

When in the end we see a tribute from Phil to his father, it was a shock and I thought they knew how to treat it in an incredible way, with respect and affection, something that the series has always done.

Jay ended up being a topic too, when Claire and Mitchell seek to show that he was never present for the family, that he did things in order to only think of himself, and when they will prove that they are right, they discover that something they always played in father’s face was wrong…

When they discover that they anticipated the holidays because their father had to pay the cabinet factory employees out of his own pocket, and that one of the most famous cabinets was named after Mitchell, he wanted to cry. After all, those who never blamed their father for something, only to understand the motivations, choices, or difficulties they went through in order not to pass it on to us… I thought it was really cool.

Gloria learning things and teaching is also always welcome, like her making Cam feel better in front of a woman who stole his prize, or how she learns things from him. Manny finally having a date in which he is not desperate and catches the girl’s attention was pretty cool.

Jay and Joe together is always cute, laughs a lot with Jay saying that Joe had to be a little more like Lily, but then there is only one mistake in the script because Lily is Joe’s niece and not a cousin, since he is Mitchell’s brother , father of the girl.

Modern Family it’s delicious, it makes your rice and beans very well.