Modern Family | 11 × 07-08-09 – The Last Thanksgiving / Tree’s A Crowd / The Last Christmas

 Modern Family |  11 × 07-08-09 - The Last Thanksgiving / Tree's A Crowd / The Last Christmas

After a long time here’s the last 3 episodes of 2019 from Modern Family. It took me a while to stop and write about the series, letting some priorities go by, but I have not forgotten this comedy that makes rice and beans so well seasoned.

These last 3 episodes end up preparing us for a farewell that promises to be very exciting, since the last episode, the “The Last Christmas”Set the tone for what we should expect.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

I really liked the focus given to the Dumphy brothers in “The Last Thanksgiving”When I put them to cook, the conversations of the three, the entrance of an ex from Alex, the way they interact, everything was very close. And in the same way we had Jay and Phil talking about simple moments and bringing Dylan to this moment between them.

Cam and Mitchell’s sperm donation plot in “Tree’s a Crowd“It was cool, but I laughed a lot more with them making a breakup viral to see who are the strongest in history, so that in the end Mitchell discovered that Cam had already done something like that and he became the” insensitive “of the couple.

Of “Tree’s a Crowd”I liked the participation of Jerry and Farrah, DeeDee’s ex and Dylan’s mom, who end up finding so many things in common and being together. The DeeDee tree story also brought up some cool things, like a conversation that Claire wanted to have with her mother.

In addition, the episode brought the novelty of Sherry and Luke’s relationship, which when trying to get her back with Manny, ends up discovering that the two understand each other, yielding a lot of fight and drama that was taken to “The Last Christmas“. Manny’s revenge was well thought out after Gloria’s shake-up.

The highlight of the Christmas episode was seeing the family making plans to move on. Everyone will go to different places and different points of their lives …

Cam, Mitchell and Lily must go to Missouri, because Cam got a job at a university, and everyone’s plans end up being a reason for peace, since many things from now on will be the last for them.

Modern Family it will come to an end with ups and downs, but the laughter and love for these characters take their place.