Modern Family | 11 × 06 – A Game of Chicken

 Modern Family |  11 × 06 - A Game of Chicken

Modern Family with humor she was able to show how bad life is working under stress and also the new ways of creating companies and ideas, but it is Gloria talking about baptism that ends up attracting more attention, even more when she almost “kidnaps” Haley’s children to save her lives. souls.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Things in the company are getting more and more tense and the charges all fall on Claire, who can not take it anymore and seeing Luke interested in investing in something new and being in the moment of freshness of the idea, ends up giving him the idea of ​​asking for the bills and does it with Phil’s support.

It was interesting to give Luke more space and get completely out of the way with the character. I laughed with Phil thinking that his son traded him for Scooter, but he just wanted a real view and not the father who supports him at all.

Now, Gloria wanting to stay with Poppy and George in order to baptize them in the Catholic Church and thus prevent them from having their souls doomed, was hilarious. Jay catching her and the priest on the jump and with the excuse that it was to exorcise Poppy was very good, especially with Dylan showing up and believing it.

To close Haley made it clear that her concept of God is connected to all things and it will not be baptism that will change her conception, and that she and Dylan should go into a silent forest and feel that way with their family.

And finally we had Cam reviewing a job offer in another state without telling Mitchell, which ends up showing a lack of communication between them. But I believe that in the end they should leave the family and focus on Cam’s career.

Lily had little moments, Michell putting on a costume to help Cam focus on the game and stop creating situations for the dolphin to make fun of and go viral on the internet.

Modern Family walks towards its end and the series seeks to create dramas and comic situations to complete the development of its characters.