Modern Family | 11 × 04-05 – Pool Party / The Last Halloween

 Modern Family |  11 × 04-05 - Pool Party / The Last Halloween

Modern Family it brought two episodes to think about, one not so funny, but with good content, while the last Halloween of the family was sensational. Claire and Phil once again stole the show in desperation to be scared.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

At “Pool Party”I liked the way self-esteem worked and the way Mitchell and Cam think about aging the body and how to deal with the youngest and most beautiful people. Putting Lily to shake her parents and friends, right after she thought about her own appearance was great.

In addition, it was a good episode to talk about how to face professional life. If Jay was embarrassed by Gloria’s focus on her career, she’s finally loving doing something for her.

Claire, on the other hand, seeks to show Haley and Alex an independent woman and that the job may not shake. The problem is that she needs to manage problems and deal with crazy employees and their daughters not realizing it. Was pretty cool…

Then we have “The Last Halloween“, The last moment that this family will have fun here. Of course we have drama, like Jay dealing with the last chocolate of his childhood, that he wants to show that flavor to Joe, and Manny dressed as Freud analyzing it.

Gloria, afraid to grow old, was nice, like she wasn’t called Jay’s daughter for the first time and had to correct her husband, and still win a drag queen contest.

Alex and Luke having relationship problems at the restaurant who did not want to come close together served to put them together and find the siblings’ things again. I was a little tense with the story of Luke talking about a prank to his girlfriend, unaware that it was at his house that he did and destroyed her life. Alex ended up sending several nudes to the wrong person, because the boyfriend sent an alert from a friend’s phone.

Now, Claire and Phil were awesome!

Claire has always shown that she is not afraid of anything, not even a Japanese horror movie that Phil is almost sick with. Now, I loved the twist of him thinking about a Halloween so sensational that it finally made Claire scream in fear. The problem is that she already wants something so big for next year.

Modern Family is balancing his plots this season, and it looks like it will be a very emotional goodbye.