Modern Family | 11 × 03 – Perfect Pairs

 Modern Family |  11 × 03 - Perfect Pairs

The raising of the Haley twins has been a burden for the Dunphy family, as she and Dylan are overwhelmed and asking for favors from the people at home. Modern Family it makes fun of small details and shows the selfish side of the family.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Haley looks for her family, but they are all gone, in fact they’re hiding so they don’t have to take care of the twins. When everyone sees the possibility of winning something with them, everyone almost fights to see who would go out first. Luke saw that “having children” he could buy drinks, Alex would take advantage of his application and Claire could meet an important manager in the closet business.

Phil did an amazing show at an event the year before and can’t imagine such a good number for the new year. That’s where the babies come in, but Haley finds out what they were doing and scolds them, even though in the end it all ends up in pizza. Or rather, magic show.

Cam and Mitchell rent the apartment above their house to a couple and their daughter, but the problem is that everyone there looks perfect. She is smart, an athlete and the other loves a museum, which makes them want to improve and be like their neighbors at the top, but they just curl up…

Cam tries to go to the museum, but ends up going to an event for Cher fans, Mitchell tries to run, but gets distracted by handsome guys playing volleyball and gets hit in the face… Left over for Lily, who is tired of seeing the perfect girl, ends up winning her in the letters, which makes the girl desperate and having anxiety attacks, which makes the girl’s parents need to move.

Gloria receives Sonia, her sister, and Nestor, a boy she swears is only interested in her sister’s money. I laughed too much with her interfering and believing in her story, and thus making the boy disappear. The problem is that he really is very rich, so Sonia is very angry with her sister. But he laughs a lot when Jay goes to help his gardener and Sonia sees him in a suit and already believes he is a millionaire.

Modern Family brought a simple plot that put all the characters at some point and being developed in some way. Fortunately it is the last year of the series, as they seem a little lost in what to show.