Modern Family | 10 × 19-20 – Yes-Woman / Can’t Elope

 Modern Family |  10 × 19-20 - Yes-Woman / Can't Elope

We finally had two episodes of Modern Family Focused on characters who are well gone, even though Haley has her plot with the pregnancy and now her marriage to Dylan. Luke has been the comic relief over his intelligence, and here they used his body to terrorize Claire …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Gloria and Claire were excited about the new friendship, especially with her talking and giving tips on what it’s like to go out with a much younger boy, in addition to highlighting her physical attributes. It was great when we found out that the boy was Luke. The way they seek to hide and deflect Claire was cool, but the best was her reaction and the No given, after she had to say Yes to everything in front.

Likewise, it was nice to see an episode focused on Haley finally understanding that she wants to be happy and she herself proposes to Dylan. Before I wanted to make it simple, only with Alex as a witness, but everything grew and became a celebration at home. In the end, only the family mattered, with everything else contained.

The parallel plots were cool, I loved seeing Cam and Mitchell crazy to see the musical “Sophie’s Choice“, But having to postpone because of the wedding, and the worst, losing the ticket to satisfy a digital dog influencer so that Jay could sell his houses. And they also had their moment, when Mitchell decides to go to Cam’s country parties and goes full of gear that no one really uses.

Manny has his plots involving the school and his desire for art, as well as Alex and his science. She was also nominated for a college award and decided not to tell her parents, for fear of embarrassment, but she understands that she has to be happy with them, and respect them. I enjoyed her moment with Phil.

Modern Family ended up becoming a kind of forgettable series … It’s not so bad, but it ends up going unnoticed if you don’t keep an eye on it. The plots are warm, almost cold, and I just want to see the show conclude myself.