Modern Family | 10 × 15 – SuperShowerBabyBowl

 Modern Family |  10 × 15 - SuperShowerBabyBowl

Once again Modern Family came to work on the drama between some characters and the way they connect. Jay and Cam, Phil and Manny, Gloria and Mitchell, but most importantly within the new family context, Dylan and everyone else, especially Claire.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Right from the start we see Dylan understand that he is out of the box, how he feels rejected by everyone, and Joe is left to yell at the family, after countless disagreements, for someone to do something. And Claire is left to go and talk to her grandchildren’s father. Their conversation is cool, and shows a great evolution of the matriarch, who did not accept pregnancy very well.

Speaking of which, I loved seeing Alex all involved with his sister, while Haley was desperate for hormones. I miss this connection between the two and how they are so different, but they complement each other.

Jay and Cam getting involved with the special sauce for the Super Bowl was cool, but something was missing to make us more involved in their plot, but I like the way they play Jay as the patriarch that everyone wants to have as a friend, and at the same time, how sensitive he is and learns a lot from his family.

And I laugh at the connection between Manny and Phil, and how they fight, since Manny wants his actor to speak his lines perfectly, while Phil likes to improvise more. When the two connect and understand the differences and how they can overcome them, it was cool, and a new film is coming…

Impossible not to laugh at Gloria happily following Mitchell’s court cases. She seems to feel like she’s in a legal series and wanting to see the twists and turns in Mitchel’s life. I laughed with the woman he condemned on the run and him receiving threats on his cell phone, unaware that they actually came from a friend Lily fought over.

Now, Lily is still the most sensible of the characters and there is still room for her, as she only plays catchphrases and has no opening.

Modern Family follows your rice and beans, but you can’t tell how far the series will go. The fact is that it was renewed for a last season, the 11th.