Modern Family | 10 × 13 – Whatnex?

 Modern Family |  10 × 13 - Whatnex?

Modern Family once again manages to be emotional when talking about past and present and having Jay and Claire review the company after its sale. In the same way it brings a very sentimental Gloria about its steps, while Cam rethinks its attitudes to get a position.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Jay doesn’t feel like he’s part of the company anymore and starts to feel nostalgic about what he had and he and Claire end up reaching an agreement on how things should work and how it can be fun, meeting everyone, as long as you give it a try. .

Gloria saw an old billboard that she changed and feeling that she could model, ends up creating a situation for her, Phil and Joe to be the new face of the shopping family, but only Joe can pass the test. I liked the twists and turns, the way they test new couples and even put Phil with another guy, but it’s Gloria who ends up stealing the show, and being the star of her journey.

I liked the disagreements between Mitchell and Cam and the way they both end up helping each other, but with the wrong words, they end up making everything worse. Getting Manny, Alex, Haley and Luke to talk about what life is like outside of school was almost a shot in the foot of Cam, but in the end he gets the job of vice principal. And even Mitchell gets a case that will be important for his career.

Modern Family makes a good journey, but there is always the impression that everything is a great conclusion and that the series would close its cycle well this year.