Modern Family | 10 × 12 – Blasts from the Past

 Modern Family |  10 × 12 - Blasts from the Past

Modern Family he keeps making his rice and beans, but starts to go around in circles with his plot. The repeated times that we see Cam playing the victim for Mitchell and then the game turns, it starts to tire, at least we have Gloria and Jay in a nice discussion about history, and the neuras of Claire and Phil.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Cam discovers that Mitchell saw a Playgirl magazine and starts to feel offended, even making a big exit, only after a lot of talking and making his partner embarrassed, we discover that he does the same thing at the gym. And who found the magazine and created this situation was Lily, who found the magazine on the sofa, after her father forgot about it there, scolding them for still leaving things lying around.

Claire and Phil are desperate for Haley and Dylan to move into their home, as the place where they were is in chaos. To help, here comes the boy’s mother, who already made an erotic clip that left Phil in love, years before.

There was something missing in their plot, it was a rush inside the house and just …

Behold, Manny was left having an affair with the young girl librarian, and with a nice ending after she ignored him with anger. Many finally see his flirtatious way being considered.

Now, Gloria and Jay vying for the famous uncle for Joe to go to school dressed up was pretty funny. Gloria and her uncle, who in the end was a cheater, and Jay with his fearful uncle, left Jay to swallow his ego to see his uncle being unmasked, so that Joe curated his uncle from Gloria’s family, even though he discovered the rotten family .

Modern Family it starts to look dragged, its rice and beans start to overdo the seasoning.