Modern Family | 10 × 11 – A Moving Day

 Modern Family |  10 × 11 - A Moving Day

I followed this episode of Modern Family and immediately afterwards learned about the request for the 11th and final season of the series and why? The creators no longer know how to get on with the stories, and I confess that I was relieved to at least be able to say goodbye to them in a decent way.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

This episode showed Claire and Phil completely concerned about the fate of Haley and the baby to come, as she and Dylan are living in a garage with a hole in the roof. I liked Claire going from the disappointment of the pregnancy, to the zeal of the mother who does everything for her daughter.

Haley will have support, especially with the discovery that she will have twins! I loved Claire’s reaction, calmer, while Haley and Dylan sort of freak out, and Phil, finding that out next to Jay. The father-in-law was sensational beside him, giving support.

And speaking of Jay, I laughed at him being sent by Gloria, while he had to make Manny see that he was being controlled by Sherry. Overall there was something missing in this plot, leaving it a little to be desired, and only getting nice when Jay helps Phil.

Now, Mitchell and Pam will always be on the back foot of each other, and the series is not enough to have Cam pampered and controlling, now she has her sister who is controlling and completely crazy. Sometimes I feel sorry for Mitchell …