Modern Family | 10 × 09-10 – Putting Down Roots / Stuck in a Moment

 Modern Family |  10 × 09-10 - Putting Down Roots / Stuck in a Moment

Modern Family has touched the dramas more strongly this year and in these two episodes we had dilemmas to overcome after the loss of a loved one, and the way Haley and Dylan tell the family about the pregnancy.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Dede passed away and everyone had to overcome the feeling of loss and yet they receive the inheritances of the matriarch. Mitchell gets a tree that brings his mother’s spirit, while Claire keeps her old car. I liked the way they handled it, especially Claire who received new memories and changed her conception of her mother.

The car was cool because Phil wanted to help her understand the car, but he was all nervous that she had memories of the times his wife drove with her first boyfriend. Meanwhile, Cam sees that Mitchell doesn’t think about moving to a farm with him when everything needs to settle down and they talk about their relationship.

Jay rethinks everything he lived with his ex-wife and realizes that he was wrong in many parts with her.

As for the Christmas episode, it was cool how Haley and Dylan ran away to hide the pregnancy, while Alex was sick with tension. I always think they exaggerate too much with Alex, a very forced and unsalted comedy about the girl who is one of the most sensible of the family.

I liked everyone’s reaction when they discovered the pregnancy, especially Claire, who tried hard not to freak out, while Jay hugs her and comments that she is reacting better than he is. “Outside I am calm, but inside I am you“.

Mitchell and Cam losing their children was nice, but they could approach Lily a little more in this situation, remembering her childhood; Claire wanting to escape Christmas to focus on the trip was cool, mainly because Phil screwed up with promotions and a completely bizarre trip.

Finally, we had gifts from Gloria’s family, who also brought a poisonous spider. They increased fear for the spider and turned it into a little monster inside the house.

Modern Family it’s still nice to be with, and we can already see a spin-off with Haley and Dylan and their family. Let’s see the paths that ABC will bring to the series.