Model who exposed conversation with Marcos Mion says she is sorry

Model who exposed conversation with Marcos Mion says she is sorry

Last week, the Internet was abuzz with exposed by the model Ana Carolina Jorge on your Instagram.

model ana carolina marcos mion

In the images, exchanging messages with presenter Marcos Mion, dated 2018, where he was supposed to be flirting with her. In the post, the model also wrote:

Now, in an interview with SBT’s channel ‘Fofocalizando’, the model says she is sorry, and says that she should not have exposed the name of the presenter, since this was not the focus of the publication, but rather to criticize the advances of men. married in the nets.

If I could have done something different, I would have deleted the person’s name, because I think it shifted the focus from the message. What I wanted to go through was lost because people focused so much on the famous. I’m not here to promote myself on top of that. If anyone wants to talk, it will be about my opinion, about the macho culture, hypocrisy. Because I have no interest in gaining media on top of that.

Model Ana Carolina told about the exposure of a conversation with Marcos Mion.

Ana Carolina also reinforced that her publication had an outburst character, not a complaint. Furthermore, he said that it was not harassment and that it was not personal, Marcos Mion, but something more general.

There are worse things that I have had to deal with, much worse, and that was not harassment. I was sung, there was an invitation, and there was a refusal. I never gave freedom, never went out with that person, never gave me a kiss on the cheek. I managed to impose my limits, and that’s it. I have nothing to accuse in this regard. […] If I had to say something to Mion, I would say that it is not personal. I think everyone lives the way they think is right. I’m living the way I think is right.

continued to model.

What many Internet users questioned was the fact that the model exposed the conversation just a year later. About this, Ana also explained:

It was just one more of the ideas I had for solving the new year, I will not tolerate it anymore. Honestly, I want to believe in love, I want to believe in family. I want to be able to raise my children, I want to be able to have a daughter, to know that she will not be treated like garbage, I want to set an example. For them to know that it is OK for you to be who you are, to say no to what you are not comfortable with.


See the full interview of model Ana Carolina Jorge below: