MIS event celebrates The Twilight Zone; check out when and the list of episodes!

 MIS event celebrates The Twilight Zone;  check out when and the list of episodes!

With the debut in the new version of The Twilight Zone, with Jordan Peele, there in the USA, the MIS prepared a special event to celebrate the iconic series from the 60s.

In April, the Museum in São Paulo hosts the event Beyond the Screen with a special schedule about Beyond imagination (The Twilight Zone).

The series changed television concepts in the 1960s, bringing stories of science fiction, horror, suspense, and even hints of comedy into scripts written mostly by its creator, Rod Serling.

Beyond imagination it was so important that, in the 1980s, four great film directors came together to pay a deserved tribute to the series, in a feature film that recounts some of its main episodes.

Still not scheduled to debut in Brazil for the new version, it is good to review some of the classic episodes of the original version.

Check the list:

12:00 pm – On the Edge of Reality (1983) – feature film in honor of the series, directed by Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante, George Miller and John Landis, with Dan Aykroyd, Vic Morrow and John Lithgow; 14h – Beyond Imagination – episode “It´sa Good Life” – with Billy Muly; 2:30 pm – Beyond Imagination – episode “Kick the Can” – with Ernest Truex; 3pm – Beyond Imagination – episode “Nightmare at 20000 Feet – with William Shatner.


MIS Beyond the Screen – The Twilight Zone
Where: MIS Auditorium (172 seats) | Av. Europa, 158 – Jardim Europa – São Paulo / SP
When: April 13th
Schedule: 12h to 17h
Ticket: Free. Tickets distributed an hour earlier at the MIS Reception
Classification: 12 years