Miracle Workers | 1 × 05 – 3 Days

 Miracle Workers |  1 × 05 - 3 Days

AND Miracle Workers it keeps getting people in search of saving the Earth. After Sanjay joined Craig and Elisa, now it was Rosie’s turn and it was delightful to see her rise as an assistant God.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

What we see is her arriving from Earth to Paradise, in this case to Paraíso Ind., And there being appointed to a position after no one else wants. The cool thing is that she does all the tests possible and is the only one doing it, because everyone knows how complicated it is to work with God.

Excited and motivated, little by little she does more of the same and runs away from the crazy things that God creates, and when she is called to go to work on another project she only needs one thing: to wait for the Earth to explode.

I laughed a lot with Craig, Sanjay and Elisa running to prolong Sam’s grandmother’s life for another 100 days just to have him meet Laura. The point is that for that he needs a signature from God, and it was funny that they suggested that God doesn’t know how to read because he looks at books.

And the tortures? When one of the workers tries to deceive God, he sends him to the torture room and we hear the groans of pain and in the end only a little bean comes out. Right at the end of the episode we see that Craig took one of God’s drink umbrellas and he knew, then there was Craig for the torture, which consisted of opening a very tight jar and finding the right flavor that God likes best, in the middle to hundreds of beans of all flavors. And that’s it!

In the end Rosie goes to the side of the workers and decides to help Earth, as well Miracle Workers he works “miracles” on his workers, who start to give more value to the work and the project itself, when they are more involved with the situation. The series brings a great metaphor for the corporate world.