Miracle Workers | 1 × 04 – 6 Days

 Miracle Workers |  1 × 04 - 6 Days

And in its 4th episode, with 6 days left until the end of the world, Miracle Workers finally brings an episode above your average. Changing the dynamics of the characters, placing Craig alongside God and Elisa with Sanjay, was a great interaction.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Elisa and Sanjay have been doing so well that Craig prefers to isolate himself, but not before showing us what their lives on Earth were like. While Sanjay was a prince and Elisa a warrior, Craig was a caveman who died watching a monster that didn’t exist.

If the two did not need him, behold, he will stand by the almighty, who decided to find a new prophet. Hilaria the scene of God talking to Danny and the same thinking that he was crazy, even going to therapy. God, angry at not being taken seriously, throws a hurricane only over Danny’s house, who says he cannot be the prophet, sentencing him to death.

Of course, Craig interferes, only the biggest issue is learning about responsibilities and how far they can go with them. This brings Craig back to his friends and realizes that he is the one who keeps them in line, that their exaggerations almost put everything to waste.

Meanwhile Laura and Sam follow their relationship and the 3 friends even celebrate, but there is a new problem on the way … The death of the boy’s grandmother, who must prolong his meetings and thus not roll the first kiss before the 6 days of destruction from the earth.

In short, I want more than Daniel Radcliffe beside Steve Buscemi. AND Miracle Workers shows that you can do more for your characters and we look forward to it, but God’s moments are great.