Miracle Workers | 1 × 02 – 13 Days

 Miracle Workers |  1 × 02 - 13 Days

And the second episode of Miracle Workers was stolen by God, the character of Steve Buscemi steals the show and ends up leaving all the other plots in the slipper, because his bohemian side and fed up with his “toy” ends up making us even more excited to see him on the scene.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Here we see God angry with a comedian and atheist, who is doubting his existence, and his solution to convert him into a believer? Kill him by blowing up his penis, ideas he has, but which puts Sanjay to suffer from the bizarre situation, and even take the blame for the ideas.

It is delightful to see Sanjay running to the area that takes care of the genitals, finding the human and “pumping” until the organ explodes. The thing is hilarious, because the sector employees first swell his penis, making it look beautiful, big, a work of art, and they can’t blow it up, leaving Sanjay with the dirty work.

Then we have the plot of Craig and Eliza, who need to unite Laura and Sam, and do their best, but both are so equal that they suffer from the same social problems. It’s funny to see them creating situations, like small signs, that keep growing, until the two meet …

The point is that they are so slow, that in the end Laura ends up meeting someone else, much to Craig and Eliza’s despair.

And a day went by in Miracle Workers, so the Earth should be blown up if they can’t bring Laura and Sam together … Seeing God in this entrepreneurial view of the Terra product, while acting like a spoiled boy who is not idolized, is very good.