‘Miracle in Cell 7’: Why the story of the film is so emotional

‘Miracle in Cell 7’: Why the story of the film is so emotional

The Turkish film, recently released by Netflix, adapted from the South Korean storyline, tells Memo’s life and the surrounding love he has for his daughter Ova.

It is noticeable that Memo, when dealing with the unjust accusation of a murder, which he has full conviction that he did not commit, even though he has the mental age of his daughter, succeeds with his kindness and generosity to change the human perspective of all who they know (generating sensitivity in the prisoner who killed his own daughter and in the director of the penitentiary, who investigates and discovers his innocence).

miracle analysis in cell 7

Fiction, moreover, inserts a critical position that leads us to think about how the social system influences such crucial decisions, such as the commander’s despicable sentence in executing Ova’s loving father, knowing, the mastermind, of Memo’s innocence ( criminal and mental, surprising us, too, with its human purity).

The commander’s attitude, when punishing an innocent person, transcends fiction and reveals how in some cases misused power can hurt and alter destiny forever.

Anyway, that this story, which makes us use some handkerchiefs, can make “someone out there kind” and highlight that “when hopes are exhausted, miracles arise”. ”Lingo, lingo“.