“Minha Pequena Feminista”, the project of a great future

“Minha Pequena Feminista”, the project of a great future

The project “My Little Feminist”, Launched on June 14, 2020 through the Instagram page @minhapequenafeminista, proposes the monthly sending of books, which address guidelines feminists lightly, for the children’s home.

My Little Feminist

Adapted to the age group of the beneficiary – which may include children from 3 to 12 years old -, the items would be chosen by a changing team, aiming at greater adaptation to the different thematic axes that will be worked on.

The month of July, for example, will deal with the empowerment of black girls and women, counting the team, this time, with the participation of Ellen Moraes Senra (@psicologaellenserra), a clinical psychologist who has books as and in her career.

The profile organizers even open space for their followers to cite other users they follow, whose experience or training can contribute and fit in well with the debate.

For the age group 9 to 12 years, the work was selected, by the Kenyan-Mexican writer Lupita Nyong’o, who won an Oscar for his participation in the film.

Lupita Nyong'o

In an interview with the television program, the actress talked about the importance of inserting these social guidelines as soon as possible in an individual’s life: “It took me a while to find my walk and learn to love the skin I’m on, so I wrote this book to help children get there a little faster ”.

“My Little Feminist” Project

In addition to reading, the organization is also careful to attach “letters” to those responsible, which are already full of possible reflections to be raised with their children. Likewise, he stresses that the enrollment of male beneficiaries is completely welcome.

To learn more or guarantee participation in the project, you must access the website https://minhapequenafeminista.com.br/, where you will find the possibilities of a subscription plan. These will vary from a single purchase, to a fixed of 32 to 36 reais a month, for sure, well applied in the creation of the habit of reading and the formation of values, right now, in our small great futures.