Miley Cyrus spent 2 years without wearing a bikini because of her body shame

Miley Cyrus spent 2 years without wearing a bikini because of her body shame

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato were together in a live chat last Tuesday (17). The live on Instagram is part of the remote interview program ““, as a form of entertainment for people to spend time during the necessary quarantine during the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

Miley Cyurs

Miley Cyrus goes 2 years without wearing a bikini after being bullied

During the chat, both singers revealed to have had problems with their own body. After Demi Lovato said that she suffered from the restrictive diets she underwent to lose weight, Miley Cyrus revealed that she spent two years without wearing bikinis, shorts or skirts because she was bullied on the internet in relation to her body.

I was very thin and I started to feel terrible. I did not wear bikinis for two years and no one ever considered how it all impacted me.

Miley Cyurs said during the chat

The former Hannah Montana revealed that the trauma occurred after her presentation at the VMA’s in 2013, in which she wore a costume that showed her body well. Because she was very thin, several Internet users compared her body to that of a turkey, which made the singer feel ashamed of herself for years.

All this because after the VMA’s in which I was wearing a nude latex costume, everyone started to compare me with a turkey. They put turkey on my clothes. I was thin and pale and they kept comparing me to a turkey.

Miley Cyrus also said that she did not admit to being hurt by the issue at the time because she maintained a strong speech in which she did not care about the opinion of others, and was afraid to appear to be a fraud before her fans.

I think it was even heavier because my motto was always to be myself, without caring for anyone, always confident and the worst that could happen would be my fans thinking that I was lying or being a fraud.