Miley Cyrus and Anitta live together, see everything that happened

Miley Cyrus e Anitta fazem live juntas, veja tudo que rolou

During the quarantine period recommended by WHO due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, several artists are making lives on Instagram to entertain their audience. Yesterday, on April 1st, Miley Cyrus summoned the pop diva Anitta to participate in their daily lives, surprising Brazilians.

Anitta and Miley Cyurs live on Instagram

Anitta participates in live with Miley Cyrus

In the program of the gringa artist, , the singer always invites some famous personality to chat in a live stream on Instagram. The live of former Hannah Montana takes place from Monday to Friday at 11:30 am in the USA and recently, in live conversation with Demi Lovato, Miley revealed that she spent two years without wearing a bikini after being mocked by fans.

Anitta participated as a special guest in the live held yesterday (01), which accumulated more than 66 thousand simultaneous accesses. The singer was greeted with compliments from Miley Cyrus, who referred to her as a “Brazilian pop sensation”.

In addition to the Brazilian funkeira, the famous Diplo, Ashley Longshore and Zoe Kravitz. In Brazil, due to the different time zone, the live took place at 3:30 pm.

During the meeting, singer Anitta said she was very disappointed that she was unable to celebrate her birthday due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but that she celebrated at home with her new boyfriend, Gabriel David.

I got drunk with my boyfriend, he was with me. I ate a big cake and a lot of food. That was the way to escape the problem. But I was very sad. I had to cancel everything. I love to have big parties on my birthdays. Every year I hold parties for 500 people. I was playing my new songs and dancing, wondering how much people would like.

Anitta said live with Miley Cyrus

Anitta, who was also doing lives and sharing with fans, explained that she took a break from live broadcasts as she is feeling discouraged after 10 days at home. However, the singer promised to resume lives soon. When questioned by Miley about the beginning of her career, Anitta revealed to the gringa her humble origin.

I came from a slum. My life was very different. That’s one of the reasons I was sad to cancel my party. Because I never had a party in my childhood and adolescence. I had no access to anything. Then I started singing in favelas and smaller places in Rio. I grew up and my life was changing. I started to manage my career with my brother. My whole life has changed.

Despite the melancholy, the live also had moments of animation. Miley Cyrus and Anitta together made the “Rave de Favela” online and rocked live on the live stream. Check out the scene:

When asked by Miley Cyrus about news in her career, Anitta revealed that she postponed her plans due to the crisis of the new coronavirus.

We are waiting to release new songs because this moment can be a little risky for that. We changed everything. We have to wait and see how things are going and then start planning things again. But we are mixing new sounds to make people know Brazil better

Said Anitta during the live.