Microsoft Flight Simulator wins Alpha in September.

Microsoft Flight Simulator wins Alpha in September.

After a long winter, hibernating between the franchises of Microsoft, behold, without any ads, Microsoft Flight Simulator resurfaces from the ashes with a breathtaking trailer (from fans of the genre), during the Microsoft conference at E3 2019.

And something never seen before in the history of the franchise, not unless I remember it, will be the possibility that all those who are fans of the simulator and are eager to return to the skies through the game, to participate in the development of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

To do this, simply register with an account Microsoft on the Insider Program which is available on the game’s official website. With the registration and subsequent steps performed, by clicking on Insider Home, all the news, information about the planning and announcements about the game, will be at your disposal.

In development by Xbox Game Studios in partnership with Asobo Studio, responsible for A Plague Tale: Innocence, the new Microsoft Flight Simulator uses a mere 2 petabytes of geodata. Geodata is data generated through satellites and other means, over the sky, the earth and everything needed to make the simulator as realistic as possible. And just to give you an idea, 10 billion Facebook photos occupy approximately 1.5 petabytes.

And according to the website’s schedule, we can expect a lot of news about the game in the coming months, as well as access to an alpha version for some lucky people who are participating in the Insider Program.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is scheduled to launch in 2020 for Xbox one and PRAÇA. And as it was announced, it will be included in the Xbox Game Pass.