Microsoft and Sony join forces against a common enemy?

Microsoft and Sony join forces against a common enemy?

Microsoft and Sony announce a plan for a strategic partnership that includes sharing information and technology as well as sharing their infrastructure for some of their services. Even if the official announcement doesn’t say anything about Xbox and PlayStation, we do not need to go very far to conclude that the idea is basically to be strengthened through unity.

According to the memorandum signed by the two companies, they intend to work together in the development of solutions in the cloud using the Microsoft Azure, initially focusing on the streaming. The purpose of the union is to offer an improvement in the quality of services offered to customers around the world, these efforts include the development of a platform for content creators. The partnership will also explore collaboration in the field of artificial intelligence and semiconductors.

In my view, this partnership is very welcome, arrives at the right time and benefits both companies by bringing news and strengthening some weaknesses that are already familiar to users of the respective platforms. Everything leads me to believe that this movement and union was leveraged by the Stadia platform, which even without many responses, shook the market and probably the shareholders of both companies demanded some attitude.

Now we can only wait for more news.