Michele Morrone and Ester Expposto dating? What we know about

Michele Morrone and Ester Expposto dating?  What we know about

A photo shared on Instagram (via) of the protagonist of (), the actor Michele Morrone, is giving you something to talk about. All because the Italian heartthrob appears accompanied by the beautiful Ester Expposto, known for playing Carla, in the series. The encounter sparked a series of rumors, from working together to a possible romance.

Ester Exposito and Michele Morrone are dating?

Ester Expposto and Michele Morrone are two of the most coveted celebrities of the moment. After playing the “marquise” Carla, in, Expposto won almost 24 million followers on Instagram. Morrone, on the other hand, became famous after giving life to the mob boss, Massimo Torricelli, in. Currently, almost 8 million people follow him on his official Instagram profile.

Are Michele Morrone and Ester Expposto dating?

The photo posted by Morrone generated several rumors, among them, that the actors were living a romance. Expposto had told his followers that he would visit Rome, but did not specify the reason for the trip.

However, everything indicates that the rumor that both would be in a relationship is a liar, since the actress dates Alejandro Speitzer – which will be in the new Netflix thriller series, – while Morrone is still single.

Ester Expposto and Alejandro Speitzer

Ester Expposto will be in continuation of?

The encounter between Ester Expposto and Michele Morrone also started another rumor: that the actress would act in the sequence of the film, already confirmed by Morrone. However, as the recordings for the new adaptation are not expected to begin, it seems unlikely that the meeting had that purpose.

Another Netflix project, starring the actors, was also considered, but nothing was confirmed. According to the portal, Ester and Michele met in a campaign by Dolce & Gabbana in Naples. Thus, the new meeting could also have to do with another advertising campaign.

It remains to wait for the actors to reveal more details of the meeting, whether it was on business, or just something casual, where they did not miss the opportunity to take a photo and post on Instagram, to the delight and confusion of the fans.