Michele Morrone, ‘365 Dni’ Massimo, Depressed After Divorce

Michele Morrone, ‘365 Dni’ Massimo, Depressed After Divorce

The Italian actor and singer, Michele Morrone, gained a lot of visibility in the last weeks, for his participation in the erotic film (). Divorced from designer Rouba Saadeh, with whom he has two children, Morrone had a severe depression a year and a half ago, which almost ended his career. Know this story.

massimo of 365 Dni

Massimo, from, talked about his depression

On February 8, 2020, Michele Morrone posted a touching message on his Instagram profile, in which he admitted that a year and a half ago he wanted to abandon everything, including his acting career.

I was in a serious state of depression after divorcing my wife.

The actor wrote (in free translation).

The protagonist commented that, at the time, he had no penny in his pocket and, therefore, he got a job as a gardener in a small village with a thousand inhabitants.

In an interview with the Polish website Dziennik Zachodni, Morrone said he decided to share his story about depression, “because people who struggle with depression think they will never get out of it.”

So, I wanted to help people with depression, show by my own example that recovery from this state is possible, and that the gifts that fate gives us cannot be wasted. People see me as a strong and proud man who is successful in life. However, like everyone else, I have to deal with a lot of problems, with the pressure of being famous. It’s cool, but sometimes it’s tiring.

Morrone revealed (in free translation).