‘Miami Vice’: Protagonist of the film falls into prank and feels sick

‘Miami Vice’: Protagonist of the film falls into prank and feels sick

The film, starring Colin Farrel and Jamie Foxx, has just arrived in Netflix and it’s already one of the most watched movies on the platform. The action feature tells the story of two detectives who have to work undercover to bring down a drug cartel.

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As required by the director Michael Mann, actor Colin Farrel spent time working with real undercover anti-drug agents. This experience was intended to prepare him for his role as Sonny Crockett.

What Farrel did not know is that the director and his colleagues would make a joke with him, giving him a real scare with a false drug deal that went wrong. It revealed how it all happened. Check out!

Actor Colin Farrel fell into a scary prank

After working with the actor for a week, anti-drug agents invited him to make a deal with Colombian suppliers for a large amount of cocaine. Farrell was sure that everything would go well because they had established a good relationship with the criminals.

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Everything seemed to be going really well when, suddenly, one of the Colombians drew a gun and, pointing at Farrell, questioned whether he was a police officer. The actor, very frightened, even tore his shirt to prove he wasn’t wearing a bug.

THE video of the joke was included as bonus material on the. Thinking about the joke, the actor reveals that it was “very, very scary”. He also said that he had trouble sleeping that night.

The initial idea was to never tell Farrell that the deal was false. However, he was so shaken that the production soon decided to reveal that it was a joke.

Synopsis and Movie Trailer

In an attempt to identify the group responsible for recent serial killings, Tubbs and Crockett work undercover with a South Florida drug dealer.


Original title:
Duration: 134 minutes
Launch: July 28, 2006
Distributor: Universal Studios
Directed by: Michael Mann
Classification: 16 years
Genre: Action, drama, police
Country of origin: USA