Melissa McCarthy spoke about the prejudice she suffered from critics regarding her weight

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Sensational actress Melissa McCarthy is not ashamed of her weight and shouldn’t be. But she revealed during an interview how angry she is when critics interview her and insist on commenting on her appearance.

“He said, ‘Aren’t you surprised to really work in that area even with this tremendous size?’ and I thought ‘With my tremendous size I can get you down quickly’. He kept coming back to that question three or four times, and I just kept talking about the movie, “said the actress.

Unfortunately McCarthy has been there on other occasions and commented on how annoying it is that women are so demanded for their appearance in the film industry. “Years ago I was at a press conference for ‘The Well Armed’ or ‘Tammy’, and a person from a large company kept asking me, ‘Why do you always need to be so grotesque? You are sloppy, no you don’t wear any makeup, your hair isn’t done, you’re yelling at people ”and I was like“ Okay, have you ever asked a man that? I’m playing a character ”

“It happens all the time, to the point of being fascinating because they don’t do that to men. Not wanting to be stupid, but when John Goodman was overweight, did anyone ever talk about his measurements?”

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By Milena Costa