Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection pre-sale bonuses, new Zero mounting kits and Max Armor mounting kit details

Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection pre-sale bonuses, new Zero mounting kits and Max Armor mounting kit details

On September 28, there was an update on the official website of Capcom Japanese, showing new details of the pre-sale bonus of Rockman Zero & ZX Double Hero Collection (known as Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection for america), these bonuses are only available through Japanese retailers.

Most of the bonuses are reused gears – however the new gears made by the series designer himself Mega Man Zero Toru Nakayama, and will only be available on Japanese Amazon, GEO (a retail site similar to Amazon) and through Wonder GOO.

Here are some samples of the new arts.

In terms of what items will be implemented in the pre-sale, Amazon will make the arts available as a digital wallpaper for cell phones and computers, GEO will implement an alternative cover for the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and finally, WonderGOO, will complement with a Stand (support to keep the cell phone supported) exclusive for cell phones. Unlike Amazon and GEO, WonderGOO is charging 900 yen the standard price because of the “Stand ”Exclusive.

There’s just one more pre-sale bonus to be revealed. A clean file from Rakuten Books, but by the description of the item, it does not indicate anything of new art.

Remembering that Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, on January 21, 2020.

While we’re on the subject of Mega Man Zero, the Dimension Studios started to produce a new assembly kit for the Zero. The prototype’s appearance was demonstrated at a Chinese event.

If in doubt, a certain portion of the Mega Man Action Figures, they are geared towards “assembly kits”, that is, you have to assemble your own doll (be careful, certain kits are very fragile).

Depending on the brand you buy, you will need a special paint to paint it, as all parts come in white.

This is a prototype of the new kit already assembled.

An interesting confirmation is that the kit has an interior skeleton shown on the left. Anyone who has assembled some complicated kits can tell you how important these interior parts are. In summary, the Dimension Studios did this to make the doll more articulate.

The Kit also includes a Z-Saber it’s the Z-Knuckle (items seen and used in the saga Zero). The fingers of Z-Knuckle are not articulable, meaning that it is optional.

Unfortunately there is no information about the price or the release date of this kit.

Lastly on October 2nd, Kotobukiya updated on its new series of Mega Man X Kits.

The fourth model kit in its MegaMan X series will be unveiled next year at “Winter Wonder Festival ” which will take place on February 9th. There is no indication which character will be, so wait.

It was also revealed “Box art” official of Max Armor and the Max Armor Chip Version (seen in Mega Man X3) designed by Keisuke Mizuno (illustrator of Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man 9, Maverick Hunter X and many others).

Max Armor Standard
Max Armor version with Chip

Along with the “Box Arts” a new Poster promotional Max Armor it had also been announced.

And finally, we have a revelation of the promotional material for the kit Zero, which was already revealed last week during the “All Japan Model & Model Show” (event of revelations of new assembly kits).

THE Zero Nightmare (seen in Mega Man X6) will be exclusive to the online store of Kotobukiya and it will come with two pieces of hair: the “Nightmare ” and the normal version. There is no information on when it will be launched or the beginning of the pre-sale. But they had this display there at the “All Japan Model & Model Show”:

The first plate is the version “Nightmare ”, she says she has a launch scheduled for December this year and its price will be 6,800 yen (R $ 260.00 if converted to reais). The second is from Zero standard, says that the “launch date has not yet been decided” and “price not decided”, but with the launch of “Max Armor ” in December, probably the pre sales of the Zero should start around this same period.

Source: RockMan Corner