Meet ‘The Princess and the Plebeian’, Netflix Christmas movie

Christmas on Netflix: The Princess and the Commoner

The Prince of Christmas, Netflix original film of 2017, was such a success that the streaming service decided to move forward with its bet on romantic Christmas comedies, with the goal of having its success replicated at this year’s parties. The new plot, The Princess Switch, translated into Portuguese as The Princess and the Plebeian, is Netflix’s move for this year.

Starring the star Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical), the film tells the story of a duchess and a commoner who discover that they are perfect doubles of each other and, married in their respective lives, decide to switch places, but when love decides to cross the lives of the girls and the men involved have no idea of ​​their true identities, things get complicated. Sam Palladio is also in the cast.

The Brazilian title is a clear reference to the eponymous Barbie film that has a similar purpose, with a princess and a commoner who are very similar physically and are united by a greater force, despite their social differences. What differentiates the two films, besides being an animation and the other a live-action production, is the absence of musical numbers in the most recent and, for the oldest, the non-approach to Christmas.

The premiere took place on November 16 and the film is available to be watched only by Netflix. The plot is very fun and has a very typical narrative of the holiday cliches that promises to guarantee good times for you and your family to spend Christmas together.

Check out the trailer subtitled below:

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