Meet the games with the most nominations at BIG Festival 2019

Meet the games with the most nominations at BIG Festival 2019

With 54 games in the main prize pool and another 21 in the Panorama Brasil area, the BIG Festival 2019, the largest independent games festival in Latin America, is coming.

The event, which takes place at Av. Paulista, has free admission and, above all, a rich list of games for the visitor to test and have fun between days June 27 and 30. Before, on the 26th, the Festival will open its doors for the public to give free lectures through previous registration aimed at the games market.

And there are games for all tastes: running, shooting, space simulation and even artistic ones, which address social aspects. To help those who are still in doubt about what to play first, we list the games with the most nominations in the award categories of BIG Festival 2019:

1) Burning Daylight

Developer: The Animation Workshop
Parents: Denmark
Total Referrals: 5 (Best Narrative, Best Art, Best Sound, Best Student Game, Best Game)

Burning Daylight it is a narrative odyssey set in a futuristic dystopian universe. The experience stands out for the content and the way in which the plot is told, in which the visual, sound and mechanical elements help to build and deliver the answers, and even generate more questions.

2) Do Not Feed The Monkeys

Developer: Fictiorama Studios
Parents: Spain
Total Referrals: 4 (Best Narrative, Best Gameplay, BIG Impact: Social Issues, Best Game)

Do Not Feed The Monkeys is a point and click with nostalgic aesthetics and that flirts with your curiosity and creativity, while discussing issues such as privacy and morals. The game puts you behind the screen of a computer with access to several cameras and the possibility to interact with the lives of others.

3) Pixel Ripped 1989

Developer: ARVORE Immersive Experiences
Parents: Brazil
Total Referrals: 4 (Innovation, Best XR / VR, BIG Brazilian Game, Best Game)

Nostalgic and with a new vision on the theme “game within a game”, Pixel Ripped 1989 it is a love letter to the games of the late 80s and early 90s. The retro look and immersion in virtual reality are interesting and charming features.

4) She Dreams Elsewhere

Developer: Studio Zevere
Parents: United States
Total Referrals: 4 (Best Narrative, BIG Impact: Social Issues, BIG Impact: Best Diversity Game, Best Game)

Unlike anything you’ve ever played, She Dreams Elsewhere is a surreal adventure RPG that tells the story of Thalia Sullivan, a woman in a coma who is on a journey to defeat the nightmares that prevent her from waking up. Between one enemy and another, Thalia gradually finds out how she got to this situation. Even addressing nightmares, She Dreams Elsewhere has reached the dreams of many developers, and is competing in four categories of this year’s BIG.

5) Spaceline Crew

Developer: Coffeenauts
Parents: Brazil
Total Referrals: 4 (Best Student Game, Best Multiplayer Game, Best Brazilian Game, Best Game)

How about crossing the galaxy with your friends in the role of flight crews in space lines and trying to survive asteroids? In Spaceline Crew, you must solve system failures and perform evasive maneuvers (at risk of vomiting in zero gravity). We still need to take care of sanitary inspections and super demanding alien passengers.

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In 2019, the BIG Festival sponsored by Prodesp – São Paulo State Data Processing Company – from Desenvolve SP, BRDE, the Audiovisual Sectorial Fund and Ancine; in partnership with the Brazil Games Project, promoted by Abragames – Brazilian Association of Electronic Game Developers – and by Apex-Brasil – Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency. It is carried out by Bits Productions, SPCine, the Municipal Secretary of Culture of São Paulo, the Government of the State of São Paulo, the Ministry of Citizenship and the Federal Government.