Meet the diet that made singer Adele lose 45 pounds

Meet the diet that made singer Adele lose 45 pounds

Recently, a photo of singer Adele in the Caribbean surprised fans. Adele, who lost 45 kilos, divided opinions. While some praised the singer’s new appearance, others criticized her for being “too thin“.

Singer Adele lost 45 pounds.  |  Photo: Reproduction.

The diet that made Adele lose 45 pounds

Now, in an interview with the Lorraine program, the Brazilian Camila Goodis, formerly of Adele, revealed the secret of the singer’s great weight loss.

According to, Adele followed a “diet of 1000 calories per day – when the recommended for women is 2000 calories – and green juice”, in addition to physical exercises.

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Camila says that diet that Adele did is great for weight loss. In the interview, she also said she did not agree with those who claim that Adele is too thin.

It is a good diet to lose weight. The first week is intense, green juices and just 1000 calories. People say she is very thin, but she is beautiful and healthy.

Said Camila Goodis, Adele’s former personal trainer.

Adele wanted to be healthy for her son

About the dedication of Adele to the diet, the personal says that the singer is taking it very seriously. Sources also said that Adele’s main motivation is to be healthy for 7-year-old son Angelo.

It’s not about losing weight for her. She wants to stay healthy for the sake of her son, and while it is challenging for her to keep exercising often, she is going strong.

A source close to the singer said.

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