Meet the cast of Nobody’s Watching, a comedy that debuts in 2019 on Netflix

Meet the cast of Nobody's Watching, a comedy that debuts in 2019 on Netflix

THE Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment service, announced the main cast of No one is looking, his most recent original Brazilian production, in collaboration with the producer Gullane, premiering in 2019. The eight-episode comedy, directed by the award-winning director Daniel Rezende, started to be recorded this week in Brazil.

No one is looking brings Victor Lamoglia (Parafernalha, I can not remember it) like Uli, an Angelus who does not agree with the arbitrariness of the orders he receives daily. He then decides to rebel, using his free will to do what he thinks is best for humanity.

Uli joins Greta, a veteran Angelus played by Julia Rabello (Back door, Evil wants me), and the excited Chun, Danilo de Moura (Lightning Kidnapping, Tim Maia – Vale Tudo, the Musical), on a hilarious journey that explores humanity’s most complex issues. Meanwhile, Fred, a character from Augusto Madeira (Danger Time, Bingo), and Wanda, Telma Souza (The Other Side of Paradise, Ó Paí Ó), will work hard to prevent Uli’s influence from affecting everyone’s reputation for excellence in customer service.

During and outside of office hours, Uli will meet ordinary but incredible human beings, including the captivating Miriam, Kéfera Buchmann (I’m More Me, Mirror of Life); veterinarian Sandro, played by Leandro Ramos (Culture Shock, The Mechanism); and the rapper Projota (Lightning Kidnapping, Guards) like Richard, who was heartbroken, among other talented actors who complement the cast.

No one is looking is a creation of Daniel Rezende, Teodoro Poppovic and Carolina Markowicz. The script is signed by Mariana Zatz, Rodrigo Bernardo, David Tennenbaum, Leandro Ramos, Cauê Laratta, Felipe Sant’angelo and Mariana Trench Bastos. Under the general direction of Rezende, the series will be directed by himself, Fernando Fraiha and Marcus Baldini. Rezende also signs as showrunner, alongside executive producers and brothers Caio and Fabiano Gullane, who collaborate with Netflix for the first time.

No one is looking will debut in 2019.