Meet Rina Sawayama: Versatility never seen before

Meet Rina Sawayama: Versatility never seen before

2020 came and, despite the current quarantine, pop music fans were not orphans and we had several releases in this first semester. , the self-titled disc by the Japanese singer Rina Sawayama, critically acclaimed. Rina’s success still broke boundaries, with entering Spotify Brasil’s viral chart and releasing a remix of the song omme des Garçons () with Pabllo Vittar.

But who is Rina Sawayama after all?

Before the music

Rina Sawayama was born in Japan, however, she spent much of her life in London, seen constantly in her songs, with a mix of influences from Asian and Western culture.

The greatest proof of her influences is in the aesthetics of, mixing between the 90’s and 00’s, the singer seems to come straight out of a manga with her look.

In addition to being a singer, Rina also holds a degree in Politics, Psychology and Sociology from the University of Cambridge, influences that the singer took in her lyrics with great social appeal, with criticisms of today’s society.

Sawayama’s debut took place in 2017, with the self-titled EP, the singer presented herself as a singer of multiple facets, with a sound that mixes pop and r & b, however, without abandoning Japanese culture, besides having an excellent identity visual in the clips and social reviews.

who is Rina Sawayama

After releasing some singles, the singer’s debut album, self-titled, finally reached the platforms on April 17, 2020, with a sound never seen by the industry before.

Rina Sawayama music.

it arrives as a new sound when, in addition to maintaining its influences, Rina explores combinations and arrangements that make the album even more unique.

Tracks like and refer to the pop of the 2000s, causing an incredible nostalgia for the audience. And others like and refer to japan, making the listener feel like in an anime. There are also tracks that you would never have imagined on a pop album, like, that reminds a lot of metal.

As well as being consistent in his sonority, Sawayama is also captivating in his lyrics, with criticisms ranging from excessive consumption to rooted patriarchy. A highlight is the most popular track among fans, with a visually well made clip and a critique of capitalism and consumption, to the surprise of some the song is a pun for “excess” (excess, in English).

With pop, r & B, metal and alternative, the singer proves that a multifaceted album, with different arrangements, lyrics and influences can become cohesive and not confusing.


Rina Sawayama songs

is the true and pure Rina Sawayama, the album was the best way to introduce her to the industry and to the world, with a compilation of tracks that reveal Rina’s unique personality, providing a great reach to the singer who only tends to grow in her works.