Meet Chiara, the patient of the second Therapy Session

Meet Chiara, the patient of the second Therapy Session

Chiara (Fabiula Nascimento) is the second patient of the psychoanalyst Caio (Selton Mello) in the new season of the original Globoplay Therapy session, which will debut on the 30th at Globoplay.

In the plot, the character is an actress who became very famous for her work as a comedian, but who resents not having the artistic recognition she would like. When she arrives at Caio’s office, she hides behind the public persona and comes to question the diagnosis of depression that led her back to therapy. “Chiara is a little arrogant, ironic, masked. She always comes to the defense and her defense is the attack“, Explains the actress, citing how Chiara deals with her own weaknesses.

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Produced by GNT and for Moonshot Pictures, the new season of the series will be available only to Globoplay subscribers on August 30th. Directed by Selton Mello, Therapy session brings the actor and Morena Baccarin (Homeland, Gotham, Deadpool 2) in the central roles. He lives the psychologist Caio; her, her supervisor, Sofia. This time, Fabiula Nascimento, David Junior, Cecilia Homem de Mello and Livia Silva interpret Caio’s patients. In total, there will be 35 episodes – each of them, the drama of one of the characters is covered.

The new season of Therapy session was recorded in São Paulo between January and March this year. Based on the Israeli series BeTipul, Therapy session premiered in 2012 and had its first three seasons shown on GNT, now available exclusively on Globoplay. Original Globoplay, the new season of the series will premiere on the 30th on the streaming platform and the paid channel in 2020.