McDonald’s announces promotional partnership with Disney for Happy Meal in Latin America

McDonald's announces promotional partnership with Disney for Happy Meal in Latin America

THE Arcos Dorados, the largest independent franchise in the McDonalds worldwide, announces a five-year promotional partnership with The Walt Disney Company Latin America, a leading entertainment brand, to offer even more fun to families through MC happy snack.

McLanche Feliz celebrates 40 years in 2019 and has been innovating its proposal to provide a complete experience for its millions of consumers across the continent. In recent months, its menu has been revamped to offer options that include more fruits and vegetables and less fat, sodium and added sugars. To present the best combination of meal and entertainment, it will now include the characters from the films most loved by families, through this promotional partnership with Disney.

The first joint action of this alliance will be launched next month, in one of the most anticipated cinematic premieres of recent times: Star Wars: The Rise Skywalker, gives Lucasfilm, which will hit theaters in Latin America on December 19. The partnership will also include toys and promotional activities related to Happy Meal and inspired by some animations from Walt Disney, Pixar Animation Studios, Disney Live Action, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm films – stamps belonging to Disney.

We unite two brands capable of generating unique moments for families“, Says Santiago Blanco, Chief Marketing Officer at Arcos Dorados. “This Disney magic increases our responsibility for continuous improvement of the Happy Meal, which seeks to offer new flavors and ingredients more in line with current consumption habits and nutritional standards, in addition to providing increasingly attractive experiences in our restaurants“, Concludes the executive

Cristina Giosa, director of marketing for The Walt Disney Company Latin America, adds that “this promotional partnership combines Disney entertainment with Happy Meal through our stories and characters, creating a meaningful collaboration between the two companies that expands the consumer experience“.

Star Wars

The first promotional partnership campaign between Arcos Dorados and The Walt Disney Company Latin America will accompany the launch of the film Star Wars: The Rise Skywalker. The Happy Meal collection will consist of 16 items related to characters from the Star Wars saga, with characters created using resources such as hologram.