Mayara & Annabelle wins special edition in Catarse

Mayara & Annabelle wins special edition in Catarse

After the 5 volumes where they faced oligarchies of wizards and demons in Ceará and prevented a hellish invasion in São Paulo, the public employees Mayara and Annabelle will win a special edition called Extra hour.

The volume, campaigned on the platform Catharsis (, will consist of short stories that take place between the previous volumes and even before them. The stories will work in isolation, without the need for prior knowledge of the universe of the series. This way, old readers will be able to revisit the characters’ past in a new way, and new ones will have a great entry point.

In addition to the creators of the comic, Talles Rodrigues and Pablo Casado, the edition will feature guest authors. The first confirmed is Camila Torrano, who participated in the Volume 5, and will return to this one with his nomination in the category National Designer in the HQMIX Trophy. The other guests will be revealed during the campaign.

Readers will also be able to participate: Extra hour will have a section of letters entitled SAC SECAFC, a space to ask questions, make complaints or praise, in which Mayara and Annabelle will take care of the answers.

Mayara & Annabelle: Overtime will be financed if the campaign reaches the R $ 15,000.00 of the initial target. The volume will have colored pollen paper, 70 pages of comics and a cardboard cover.