Mauricio de Sousa Produções celebrates 60 years full of news

Mauricio de Sousa Produções celebrates 60 years full of news

The designer Mauricio de Sousa (83 years old) when he is at an event where he gives lectures he always asks the audience “Who here learned to read with Turma da Mônica magazines?“Promptly, more than 90% raise their hands. People of the most diverse ages. Both the grandfather, the father and the grandchildren know and read these characters that have become tradition in Brazilian families.

It all started with the comic strips Bidu and Fringe, published since 1959, on the pages of the then Afternoon Leaf (current Newspaper). And today, the Mauricio de Sousa Produções (MSP) became the largest entertainment company in Brazil, responsible for one of the most admired brands in the country, Monica’s Gang. Unique of this size in Latin America. In the comics alone, more than 1,200 pages of stories are produced per month. About 150 companies license the characters for more than 3,500 items. The recognition is international with awards in Japan, Italy, China, South Korea, France, USA, among other countries.

And this year, the celebration is not just in history, MSP has already started to bring great news since January, with the arrival of the new character Milena and his family to the Limoeiro neighborhood, the entrance to Monica’s Young Gang in the United States and Canada, the National Geographic of the biographical documentary about Mauricio de Sousa, the reach of 10 million subscribers on the Monica’s Gang at the Youtube, which already has more than 10 billion views, new games like Monica and Guard of the Rabbits and Astronaut Toy: Space Race, and the opening of the new international subsidiary of MSP in Japan – the Mauricio de Sousa Productions Japan.

Find out more news that is still coming:

Monica’s Gang – Ties

The first live action of Monica’s Gang, based on the best-selling Brazilian Graphic Novel in the country made by the brothers Vitor and Lu Cafaggi. The film will be released nationally on June 27.

Circus Monica’s Gang – Brasilis

The new big show of Mauricio de Sousa Live, circus-musical overproduction that praises the country’s cultural diversity, bringing the representativeness of our origins, passing through indigenous, African and European culture in a unique and special way within the universe of Mauricio de Sousa’s creations. It has more than 100 costumes, special effects and a cast of artists and dancers, in addition to Monica’s Gang.

Monica’s Generation 12

A new MSP manga stamp with the Monica’s Gang and his 12-year-old characters. Your collection will be divided into seasons with six episodes each.

Exposure “Hello, Mauricio!”

At the FIESP, on Avenida Paulista, a great experience with Mauricio and his group like never before formatted so that everyone who loves Monica’s Gang and your creator remember forever.

It will start on July 17th and end on December 15th, 2019.

New Park Monica’s Gang in Pernambuco

After Goiânia, where the Monica’s Gang Station inside Shopping Cerrado, it is now Olinda who will have an indoor park in Shopping Patteo Olinda. The Northeast now has a place for the whole family to have fun with the group.

Monteiro Lobato Collection with Monica’s Gang

In the year that the work of Monteiro Lobato enters the public domain, the Monica’s Gang arrives at bookstores to tell the writer’s stories. With illustrations by Mauricio de Sousa, they have already been released Snub Nose and The Yellow Picapau Site, published by Girassol Brasil Editions.


47th Gramado Film Festival honors, with the Gramado City Trophy, the artist Mauricio de Sousa for the 60th anniversary of the first strip published in July 1959, in the Folha da ManhĂŁ newspaper (now Folha de S.Paulo).

5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

Monica and Crazy boy lost in space brings together the maximum creations of Mauricio de Sousa and Ziraldo for the second time. In this book, written by Manuel Filho and published by Improvements, full of fantasy and adventure, MĂ´nica and Maluquinho will count on the help of their friends (until the Chico Bento participates!) to solve an interplanetary mystery! If you thought about aliens, you got it! Fasten your seat belts and get ready for takeoff for fun.