Marvel TV president talks about the possibility of crossovers between Fugitives and other series


Jeph Loeb, president of Marvel TV, talked about the possibility of a crossover between Fugitives and other series, since the Marvel universe is much bigger now on TV.

“Taking into account that Fugitives is set in Los Angeles, we are not going to address what happens in New York. It is a matter of connection points. For us at Marvel Television, it would make no sense: think that you are from a group of six teenagers (and a dinosaur), who just found out that their parents murdered someone. “

“If you’re running away, there’s no time to think ‘hm, what is Daredevil up to?’” He joked. “And this is very true when you talk to children in high school […] We have to be very careful in terms of what would be realistic when it comes to the interests of the characters and who they would like to join. “

Loeb concluded by saying that the most logical crossover would be with Cloak and Dagger “Surely there are these two people in New Orleans who have similar problems but in different situations. So I think the definitive answer is: ‘who knows?’”

A group of young people discover that their parents are part of a secret society of evil. Willing to try to save the world, they flee together and become unconventional heroes and family.

Take the opportunity to check out the trailer for the first season:

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By Milena Costa