Marvel to launch platform for fans to write their own comics

Marvel to launch platform for fans to write their own comics

Casa das Ideias announced the launch of the Your Own Marvel Universe website, where fans will be able to write their own stories. The idea is very interesting, but it has been dividing opinions for having a series of restrictions.

The company has not yet given details on how the platform will work, but it is basically a place where fans can write stories within the Marvel Universe. However, a list has been released with several restrictions that writers must follow and this seems to have discouraged people a little about the project.

The restrictions are many and varied, which will certainly make it very difficult to create a good story. Are they:

– Content that can scare young children or their parents

– Medicines, vitamins or food supplements

– Suggestive or revealing images

– Sensationalism, which can be defined through examples such as gossip, aliens, scandals, etc.

– Obscenity and inappropriate language, as well as substitutes for inappropriate language like ‘p * # ra’

– Noises related to the human body

– No politics or advocacy for alternative lifestyles

– Death

– Suggestive language

– Copy or parody of Marvel content

– ‘Controversial’ topics, including ‘social causes’

– Puns

– Non-Disney theme parks

– Film studios unrelated to Marvel

– Weapons

In addition, Marvel will have the rights to the stories created by the fans, which will basically function as a system of “authorized fanfics”. The platform does not yet have a date to go live.

Censorship in comics

The Your Own Marvel Universe project inevitably resembles the Comics Code Authority, a code of rules created in the 1950s that imposed several restrictions on comics. According to the code, the stories could not show things like werewolves, vampires, zombies, words like “horror” and “crime”, disrespect to police, government and authorities in general, love stories that did not correspond to “the sanctity of marriage” and “seduction” scenes.

Marvel itself tried to find loopholes in these rules for decades, until it abandoned the code in 2001. The powerful DC did not get rid of the rules of conduct until recently, in 2011.