Marvel – Fugitives | 2 × 06-07 – Bury Another / Last Rites

 Marvel - Fugitives |  2 × 06-07 - Bury Another / Last Rites

And arriving in the middle of his season, Marvel – Runaways makes an important decision for the future of the series and changes some of the characters’ relationship statuses, and does it in a very interesting way, giving even more gas to what lies ahead.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Alex starts to really show his intelligence, making decisions, creating certain moments and even using his own father to take advantage of some situations.

Their invasion of the church to prevent Jonah from using another life to regenerate was very cool, Karolina used the powers well to distract Frank and Leslie, while Nico, Molly, Chase, Gert and Alex are going to save Geoffrey, who had been kidnapped by Jonah to be your sacrifice of power. On the way they still see Victor in the chamber regenerating, in order to finally show us through Leslie, that Jonah knew he was healed and imprisoned could use his intelligence to his advantage.

It is with Geoffrey imprisoned that Alex and the boys discover that Jonah intends to start his ship, which could destroy California, only that Karolina convinces them that they can first remove some people who are alive inside. The problem is that we can’t know how everyone will react, especially Nico knowing that Jonah killed Amy.

From this anger, we see everyone trying to do something good and not be extremists, but Jonah interferes, turns on the ship and threatens everyone, even Karolina, who doesn’t want to go with him. It is with the threat of Jonah to see that Victor, Dale and Stacey destroyed his ship, that Nico runs with his staff and shoves it in Jonah’s back, killing the man, but before something comes out of his body.

I believe that this is the chance for the alien to enter the body of someone else, a kind of symbiote, but we will follow. It remains to be seen what happened to Xavin, who was on the ship.

The dramas were all interesting, like Karolina telling that she was in contact with Jonah to learn about herself, or even Gert, who passed by Chase to go to the hospital to get medication and forced him to talk to his mother.

Teenage lies and problems, everything is well dosed with adventure and small moments of action, which manages to satisfy us. Adults also have a great time, like Catherine showing that she would do anything for her family and clashing with Geoffrey for that, or Janet finally taking over her life.

Even Frank has gained even more prominence, especially when he sees the church and his family threatened by Oscar, Destiny’s brother, and he ends up accidentally shooting the boy …

Marvel – Runaways there is still a way to go and we will see how this season ends, as this first arc ended very well. Now it’s time to see the consequences and the new things that arrive in the next half of the season.

I want to see the fate of Julian McMahon in the series now …