Marvel – Fugitives | 2 × 04-05 – Old School / Rock Bottom

 Marvel - Fugitives |  2 × 04-05 - Old School / Rock Bottom

Two more delicious episodes of Marvel – Runaways and Topher’s entry moved the group’s dynamics well, but finally Jonah stole the show and showed what he came for. And even at Pride, the confrontation was greater, with each one taking the reins, or trying, of their lives.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

From Pride we have two strong moments, with Stacey and Dale going to the dig and discovering that he can kill whatever is down there, only on his first attempt with something so small, again we have an earthquake.

Then we have Victor and Janet going deeper into what can be there and keeping secrets, since she has access to much more information, like knowing that that is Jonah’s ship and that its engine is gravity. Your request to your husband? Find a way to destroy the ship.

But it is Robert who decides to go face to face with Jonah and even developing something that could destroy the alien, he did not imagine that women of religion could bring him down with a jar on his head, placing Jonah face to face with his former colleagues and leaving Robert’s body on the table.

Jonah also talked a lot with Karolina and showed her his ship in the basement and who had been looking for it for years, since there are more people inside it, and in this he tells her that she has a brother. Karolina is divided with her origin and her friends and even tries to sabotage the computer that Topher manages to steal from the school to deliver to Alex, but she is stopped by Nico, who arrives a second before the worst.

In addition the two episodes focused a lot on Topher and how he knows how to deal with the bitterness of his colleagues. He also has a secret, since since the explosion of the laboratory, the same one that killed Molly’s parents, he never aged, but his mind is quite stunned due to the effects of the radiated stones that were there, and that even does invade the dig to get more.

Topher manages to stir everyone’s spirits, but mainly of Molly who gets to face Nico, comparing her zeal with Tina’s. I really liked to see Gert opening up more about her anxieties and how Topher even proposes to help her, but she doesn’t get the drugs, forcing her to go to a hospital to be medicated and to regain control over her actions.

Chase hasn’t done much, but it’s interesting to see him closer to Alex to decide how they can act. Karolina must start to disturb them, even if she has strong feelings for Nico.

Marvel – Runaways continues to develop the plots it proposes, even if we don’t know the direction the series will take now that everyone seems a little less lost in their purposes. I hope there are more good things now that I’m almost halfway through the season.