Marvel – Cloak and Dagger | 2 × 09-10 – Blue Note / Level Up [Season Finale]

 Marvel - Cloak and Dagger |  2 × 09-10 - Blue Note / Level Up [Season Finale]

To close your season, Marvel – Cloak and Dagger aims to show that in order to become heroes and good people, the worst of it is the way the shadows will always chase them, making Tandy and Ty question whether or not they should continue to be with their family… And we still find out more about Andre and his powers…

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

In “Blue Note”We found out that Andre had a problem and that being part of the jazz world would be a huge problem for him, so he decides to commit suicide, only with the Roxxon explosion he gains powers, and he discovers this by touching Lia and sucking his emotions , starting its manipulations there.

Tandy and Mayhem come together to discover Andre’s plans to become a “god” by playing his last song and connecting with all possible emotions. If he already had Lia’s mind, when connecting with Veve himself, they end up realizing that he connected to everyone, including Melissa and Mykaila.

When Tandy and Ty use the powers of Evita, who must accept being part of her own family and marry her veve, they first wage a battle against themselves in “Level Up“, Needing to understand how far they are willing to go. If Ty and Tandy fight in the supernatural world, Mayhem must defend Evita who is fighting her own battle.

Everyone then returns from their victorious battles, mainly Ty and Tandy, who need to kill Andre so he doesn’t hurt the people they love. Having the weight of a person’s death in your hands leaves the two friends groundless.

The outcome, with Ty being free of his accusations, which leaves Otis and Adina relieved, ends up leaving him free to disappear with Tandy, who lets Melissa live her own life. Even Mayhem has a somewhat heroic outcome with O’Reilly’s body being delivered with everything bad he did, including the death of her boyfriend.

Marvel – Cloak and Dagger it ended its 2nd season well, with dramas well designed and the growing about what it is to be a superhero.