Marvel – Cloak and Dagger | 2 × 07-08 – Vikingtown Sound / Two Player

 Marvel - Cloak and Dagger |  2 × 07-08 - Vikingtown Sound / Two Player

Two more than interesting episodes for Marvel – Cloak and Dagger, showing how Tandy and Ty complement each other and how everything could be different between the two. “Vikingtown Sound” and “Two Player”Put both characters in the spotlight within their own minds and saw how important they are.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Trapped at the Viking Hotel, Tandy found herself in a network where Andre keeps everyone drugged and taking away people’s hopes and happiness, a power similar to that of Tandy, who keeps recording this information inside his record store.

It really gets interesting when he meets Chantelle and they both talk about his veve, the protector. Except that while they talk, Mayhem understands things and decides to destroy all the records, giving those played by Andre his hope and thus leaving his trance.

Tandy got his powers back, but he saw Ty get lost because of this contact with Andre. So, in “Two Player”We follow the difficult struggle of Ty to accept his own way and arrested with Loa, he only frees himself with the help of Evita, who needs to marry the entity, receiving this inheritance from her aunt, Chantelle.

The whole visual part of the two episodes is very interesting and the dramas are well presented. The video game part is sensational, showing their difficulty in facing problems, and everything ends up being cyclical, as they get stuck in certain parts.

The most interesting is how Brigit comes to understand that she needs Mayhem more than she needs you, allowing her to take control of her life.

Adina starts to understand more of her problems and puts Delgado to help her, only she confesses that as soon as she got the proof that Tyrone is innocent, she killed Connors. I want to take a closer look at this, as it completely changes her personality, just as we see Melissa constantly changing alongside Tandy.

Marvel – Cloak and Dagger it grows too much with each episode and Andre proved to be an interesting villain, a pity that it took them a long time to reach that point.