Marvel – Cloak and Dagger | 2 × 05-06 – Alignment Chart / B Sides

 Marvel - Cloak and Dagger |  2 × 05-06 - Alignment Chart / B Sides

Marvel – Cloak and Dagger begins to complete some plots and brings new problems to the hands of Ty and Tandy. Leaving Mayhem a little aside, Brigid joins Ty, while Tandy remains focused on the trafficking of women, only that she gets in trouble …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

I liked the explored form of the episodes, where Ty ends up face to face with Connors, but instead of fighting, the ex-cop wants to surrender and clear Ty’s name, taking the blame for the death of his brother and the cop Fuchs. The point is that he needs more information, only that Ty, after breaking into Connors’ uncle’s house, gets nothing.

The evolution of the plot is interesting, we see that Otis is living with his family, away from his wife, and he is excited to see that everything can be resolved with the testimony of Connors. The problem is that everything ends up being a fiasco in this first instant.

But the plot ends up focusing on Tandy, who goes after Andre to understand the trafficking of women, but ends up bumping into Lia, where she uses intelligence to try to get to the big boss. The problem is that Lia is on his side, and she doesn’t notice the move.

Taken by Andre and Lia, Tandy’s powers easily keep her awake, only they increase the dosage. While the sedative has no effect, she goes through several versions of her life. Where she is happy until the dosage drops her and she sees Ty dead.

Marvel – Cloak and Dagger you can go deeper into the dramas, but for now you are making episodes with an interesting dose of adventure, but with a lot of drama, evolving your characters quite well. The relationship between Ty and Tandy is very good, drawing the differences between them well, while caring for each other.