Marvel – Cloak and Dagger | 2 × 03-04 – Shadow Selves / Rabbit Hole

 Marvel - Cloak and Dagger |  2 × 03-04 - Shadow Selves / Rabbit Hole

Marvel – Cloak and Dagger made two more very interesting episodes in the development of his characters. While they are looking for a way to understand Mayhem and Brigid, there is still the investigation of the girls and the trafficking.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The construction on the personalities of Mayhem and Brigid is something very profound and makes clear the “evil” of one and the goodness of the other, both taken from the same body due to the explosion of gases from Roxxon. And just as there is light and darkness, Tandy and Ty end up giving in to each other’s actions, and the cool thing about the script is that each one goes to one side.

Another interesting point is that in the episode “Shadow Selves”We see the leaps in time to show Mayhem’s origin, until her“ destruction ”by putting several people at risk with a non-weapon and then being sucked into Ty’s mantle. Before, we see her at various times with Father Delgado and

So in “Rabbit Hole” we have to follow Tandy’s journey of self-knowledge, who, when he goes into Ty’s darkness, ends up seeing the problems of the past, the fights of his parents. I loved that Ty’s catalog shows Tandy’s pain in the form of old LPs.

The encounter with Mayhem takes her to Connors, who is also trapped in the darkness and on the run ends up escaping, and only he can take the weight off Ty’s accusations. Another nice part is that in the darkness they find an entity that guides them, and it appears in various forms of the characters’ fears and desires, like little Ty for Tandy, and Brigid’s late boyfriend, but he has a name Papa Legba.

Outside Adina and Tandy seek to escape from the men who go after him when they discover his address after having seen him in the pier invasion and his photo at the police station. So they go to his family and he is alerted by Brigid.

I like the way Marvel – Cloak and Dagger develops his characters and I already want more episodes and that they go deeper into their plots.