Marvel – Cloak and Dagger | 2 × 01-02 – Restless Energy / White Lines

 Marvel - Cloak and Dagger |  2 × 01-02 - Restless Energy / White Lines

And a return I expected was that of Marvel – Cloak and Dagger. The series about Tandy and Ty made a very interesting journey during the first season and returned consistent with what was shown, in addition to these 2 episodes already showing what came.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

In “Restless Energy”We see the consequences of the teenagers’ actions and how it all turned upside down, with Tandy returning to the ballet and attending a support group next to her mother, while Ty, unable to return home, decides to be a vigilante.

Ty wants to bring justice to the street kids, take drugs and dirty money, taking him back to Brigid, who is irritated by the young man’s attitude. But Ty has nothing to do, since his mind is empty, even though he is filled with pain and suffering because of the false accusation of killing Fuchs.

Tandy, on the other hand, also wants to do something to help others and ends up seeing a girl in the group as a chance to do so, taking her away from her boyfriend’s abuse. The question is how far the neighbor wants to be helped.

So we went into “White Lines“, Which features more of Auntie’s and Evita’s religion, bringing the saints and beliefs and putting Ty on a more certain path. I like the way he gets close to Evita again, and she becomes an important part of him controlling his powers and having his head more in place.

Brigid’s path crosses the youth again in a murder, only that she is more restrained in her actions, forcing Mayhem to assume her identity, leaving her trapped at home. Mayhem is her wildest side, and unlike the comics, in the Roxxon explosion, she broke away from Brigid’s body and still has strong, poisonous nails.

They meet when they discover an organization that kidnaps young people, and Tandy’s colleague would be one of the victims, but Ty, in a way, prevented anything from happening.

Marvel – Cloak and Dagger now it puts Ty, Tandy and Brigid face-to-face with Mayhem, but you don’t know what to expect from this encounter, as she becomes the season’s anti-heroine, while drawing a greater evil to be developed.