Marvel and Disney +: Mark Ruffalo may appear in She-Hulk

Marvel and Disney +: Mark Ruffalo may appear in She-Hulk

What will happen to Hulk, gives MCU? After the release of, the future of the superhero remains mysterious. On the other hand, thanks to other characters, Mark Ruffalo was not entitled to his solo film.

Marvel and Disney +: Mark Ruffalo may appear in She-Hulk.  |  Photo: Reproduction.

The failure of the Hulk film starring Edward Nortoncertainly discouraged the studios from the idea of ​​starting a solo film project about the hero. But in 2017, when public interest in the character became clearer, Taika Waititi decided to give Hulk a special place in the history of Marvel with .

While Marvel is already preparing for the next generation of heroes and historical characters are about to be replaced, their future may take shape in Disney +. Marvel, then, could see Hulk as an opportunity to explore the universe of the protagonist incarnated by Ruffalo for the last time.

After , and , Disney announced a series focused on the character She-Hulk. It is worth remembering that during an apparition in Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, actor Mark Ruffalo revealed that he was talking to Disney and Marvel to make an appearance on the series.

Not surprisingly, since this is also the destination of Hawkeye. The two protagonists must symbolize this shift between the old and the new generation of heroes, and thus incorporate She-Hulk and Hawkgirl. It could be the character’s first and last appearance since Avengers, unless he also appears in the next film .