Marvel – Agents of SHIELD | 6 × 12-13 – The Sign / New Life [Season Finale]

 Marvel - Agents of SHIELD |  6 × 12-13 - The Sign / New Life [Season Finale]

And the best time for this final part of the season Marvel – Agents of SHIELD it was for the final turnaround with the chronicom and the time travel… Everything else was fast and kind of unsalted, especially the outcome of Izel.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Their trip to the Inca temple was ok, but here we have Izel creating zombies and leaving everyone cornered with it, but Deke managed to create a device that prevented Izel from entering people’s bodies, and thus ends up with her greatest power.

I liked the return of Flint and how Mack and YoYo do everything to protect the boy, but he, with Izel possessing him, ends up recreating the monoliths and thus opening the portal to the dimension of Izel and Sargie. I loved seeing May join the fray and go to the other dimension to defeat Izel and even the priests who were waiting on the other side.

And in the end everyone had a little moment, Enoch proved to be stronger than we expected and they entered the minds of Fitz and Simmons to make them evolve and thus create something that would help to avoid the new problem of their lives: the Chronicom hunters.

Enoch, Fitz and Simmons update Zephyr and destroy the temple, but it is the leap in time that made me elated with them being thrown into a Manhattan of the past and that we already know that we will have Agent Carter and back.

So we ended up with Coulson now being an LMD, knowing everything that happened in his past, and in the present, because they need Coulson’s idea around SHIELD. What gives the character no rest and ends up being dragged.

Let’s see how they handle the last season of Marvel – Agents of SHIELD and how will they complete all those years of plots that leveraged the Marvel TV. I hope they deliver much more than this season, which had few really interesting moments and that has dragged on for a while. It wasn’t a bad season, it was pretty average …