Marvel – Agents of SHIELD | 6 × 10-11 – Leap / From the Ashes

 Marvel - Agents of SHIELD |  6 × 10-11 - Leap / From the Ashes

Marvel – Agents of SHIELD explains Coulson / Sarge, but it still falls short in the way it conducts the plot and remains emotional. It is interesting to see how the characters react, but again hit the emotional key and the way they still plan to keep Coulson in that shape.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The scenes of Izel jumping from body to body to escape was very cool, but there was something missing in the development, as we have no ties to her, even though she killed Agent Davis and still put Yo-Yo and Mack at risk, and used Benson’s memory to harass him.

The worst thing is that she managed to flee and end up in the temple and there begin to form her plan to connect the dimensions to Earth and thus liberate her people. I am waiting for Sarge to come against her …

He still needs to wake up and let Coulson’s memories stop harassing him. This happened because the entity was attached to a physical form and Coulson’s memory that temporarily passed inside the object that trapped Gravitron and the monoliths. Even though he died, a piece of him was trapped.

Skye and May are still attached to this and with him promising to help them destroy Izel, things should get more insane.

In the middle of fields we have boring moments between Deke, Simons and Fitz when the theme is family, but when they start thinking about science and devices, their relationship gets interesting again.

Now it is to see what the device that prevents Izel from jumping body will work, but mainly, how will the confrontation between them …

Only at a distance we have the Chronicom wanting to catch Simon and Fitz to help them prevent Chronica-2 from being destroyed, and they will do it even if they need to get over everyone …

Now I have 2 episodes of Marvel – Agents of SHIELD to catch up.